Backyard Farm Supplies

You'll find everything you need for your backyard farm. Plus, you will find the supplies and tools you need for that vegetable and flower garden. Select from the following:

Livestock and Pet Animal Healthcare

At Scott Valley Feed & Garden, we like to help you with your preventive and healing care for your pet and livestock. We stock a variety of salve, powders, sprays, probiotics, wormers, flea and tick controls,  bandages, shampoos and more to help with your pet needs.

Animal and Pet Hardware

For you animals and pets, we offer leashes, collars, pet beds, food and water pans, kennels, poultry wire, chicken waterers, chicken feeders, egg incubators, rabbit cages, gates, troughs, electric chargers,  electric tape and wire, poultry wire, hog panels, and fencing.


Insect, Fungus and Weed Control

If you need help with insects or fungus on your plants, we encourage an organic solution that can help you clear that without using toxic chemicals. We also have organic solutions to help with weed control as well.

Household and Garden Pest Control

Pests such as mice, rats, squirrels, rabbits, and deer can be an issues so we offer traps, repellents, and barriers to help you deal with them. Mosquitos, flies, and wasps can be a problem in the summer months and we have fly bags, mosquito pellets and wasp sprays to help get rid of them as well as ants, roaches and spiders in your home.

Fertilizers and Amendments

Fertilizers help your plants stay healthy and robust. Plus, amendments help increase the plants root development and can change the PH of your soil. We feature EB Stone, Down to Earth, Growmore and Organic single items. We also feature Earth Juice, Liquinox and FoxFarm liquid fertilizers for your special needs of growth, bloom, and bud.

Soil and Compost

Healthy soil is what's needed to grow healthy, vigorous plants that can fight off insects, diseases, fungus and vitamin rich vegetables that keep us healthy. Our manures and compost will amend your soil to improve its health.

  • FoxFarm Ocean Forest

  • Happy Frog Soil

  • Black Gold All Purpose

  • Black Gold Natural and Organic

  • EB Stone Big Harvest Planting Mix

  • Happy Frog Compost

  • Earth Worm Casting

  • Steer and Chicken Manure

  • Shasta Forest Bark and Mulch


Garden Hardware

We offer a variety of garden hardware including deer fencing, long handle tools, shears, clippers, hand tools, tomato cages, plant supports, seed starting supplies, and much more. We sell shade cloth, frost cloth and weed fabric by the foot or roll.


We offer garden, poultry, horse, rabbit fencing to keep your animal contained. 

Nursery and Gardening Tools

A variety of garden tools including rakes, shovels, and more.

Bird Supplies

Bird houses, hummingbird feeds and nectar. 

Pet Pharmaceuticals and Supplies

Pet pharmaceuticals, shampoos, and other supplies.

Pet and Animal Supplies

A variety of supplies for your pets and animals.

Pottery at the Nursery

Discover a variety of beautiful pottery in different sizes, shapes and colors. 

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